Limited Edition Giclee Prints

All limited edition prints are individually and uniquely numbered by the artist. In stock 8" x 12" prints on watercolor paper are $30.00 each. An equivalently sized canvas on board print is $75.00 and on stretched canvas, $100.00. An embellished print of the same size to which has had additional paint added by the artist would be $150.00. Special orders can be placed for custom sizes of prints from our collection of scanned paintings.

36" x 48" commissioned portrait, two full figures, complex clothes, complex background $6,500.

Open Edition Prints

Typically, our Open Edition prints are smaller canvas-on-board prints and are ready to hang, complete with hangers on the back. A typical 5 1/4" x 7" print is $35.00. Larger prints will be slightly more. Squirrel, chipmunk and bird paintings are normally Open Edition prints.

Purchasing and Commissioning Artwork from Roxy's Art Studio

Roxy's Art

Open Edition Print
12" x 12" head on board $500

Commissioned Paintings

Roxy paints 12" x 12" x 3/4" head portraits on 1 x medium density fiberboard with edges painted and hanging wire mounted on the back for $500 for a individual and $750 for two or more people. Pets may be substituted for additional people at $125 per pet.

Larger and more complex commissioned paintings must be priced individually as content is too variable for unit pricing. An example is shown below.

Purchasing Artwork is easy at Roxy's Art

Just give Roxy a call at 301-776-8285, use the "Contact Us" menu heading to send an email, or better yet, drop by our gallery at Historic Savage Mill in Savage, Maryland, conveniently located just south of Columbia near Route 32 and I-95. There we have many more paintings to choose from and new ones all the time!