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An individualized quote will be given for larger sizes and sizes not listed above.

Smaller paintings or non-standard sizes or shapes of paintings may be painted on board rather than canvas. For standard sizes, there is an option for either board or canvas.

If you would like to talk to Roxana about commissioning a painting, please contact her by one of the following methods:

Email: by using our  "Contact Us" form, call: 301-776-8285 or visit “Roxy’s Art” at Savage Mill, 8600 Foundry Street, Savage, MD 2076. Our hours are M-W, F-Sat, 10 am – 6 pm. We are normally closed Thursday and Sunday and when we have on-site meetings, so it is recommended to arrange for an appointment prior to coming.

We look forward to working with you!

The basic price structure for commissioned paintings is as follows:

              4” x 6” & 6” x 6”              $125

               6” x 8”                                  $150

               8” x 8”                                  $200

               8” x 10”                              $250

               9” x 12” & 10” x 10”         $350

               12” x 12”                             $450

               11” x 14” & 10” x 15”         $500

               12” x 16”                             $600

               16” x 20”                            $800

               16” x 24”, 18” x 24”        $1,000

              20" x 20"                         $1,000

               20” x 30”                           $1,500  

               24” x 36”                            $1,700

               30” x 30”                            $1,800


Roxana Sinex of “Roxy’s Art” studio can paint the painting that you would like, normally based on a photograph provided by you but it can also be something that she creates from scratch. Payments are normally made in three installments:

When size, price, and subject matter are agreed upon.
Mid-way through the painting process, giving you the opportunity to review and comment on the work before the painting is finished.
Upon completion of the painting including framing if desired by you.

Sales tax will be charged in addition to the quoted price and frame, if applicable.

The cost of the commission includes one final touch-up and a final varnish coat to be applied after the painting has dried for six months. The owner of the painting bears responsibility for getting the painting back to Roxana for the final varnish coat. This varnish coat is recommended but not mandatory. It protects the painting and brings out the color.

 Painting subject matter which is complex may incur additional cost, to be determined prior to the start of the painting. This would include such things as lace, plaids, the need to travel or do research in the process of collecting data/reference photos or sketches or working out complex compositions from multiple sources. Changes requiring re-painting of portions of the painting will also incur an additional fee.The basic price structure for commissioned paintings is as follows:

Purchasing Artwork is easy at Roxy's Art

Just give Roxy a call at 301-776-8285, use the "Contact Us" menu heading to send an email, or better yet, drop by our gallery at Historic Savage Mill in Savage, Maryland, conveniently located just south of Columbia near Route 32 and I-95. There we have many more paintings to choose from and new ones all the time!

Open Edition Print

Open Edition Prints

Typically, our Open Edition prints are smaller canvas-on-board prints and are ready to hang, complete with hangers on the back. A typical 5 1/4" x 7" print is $35.00. Larger prints will be slightly more. Squirrel, chipmunk and bird paintings are normally Open Edition prints.

36" x 48" commissioned portrait, two full figures, complex clothes, complex background $6,500.

Limited Edition Giclee Prints

All limited edition prints are individually priced and uniquely numbered by the artist. Most in-stock prints are 8" x 12" on watercolor paper. We also carry canvas on board, stretched canvas and embellished giclee prints which have had additional paint added by the artist. Special orders can be placed for custom sizes of prints from our collection of scanned proofs.

12" x 12" head on board $500

Commissioned Paintings

Roxy paints portraits, landscapes and other paintings to meet your taste and desires.

Larger and more complex commissioned paintings must be priced individually as content is too variable for unit pricing. An example is shown below. For details on standard sizes and pricing for commissioned paintings, See "Commission Price List" below.

Purchasing and Commissioning Artwork from Roxy's Art Studio