​"Howard County Open 2018"

Dates: January 12th - February 23rd, 2018

Location: 8510 High Ridge Road

Ellicott City, MD 21043

​"Nzingha, Warrior Queen by Roxana Sinex 12" x 18"  Oil  Original

SALE $300 framed

"Bat Zabbai (Zenobia), Queen of Palmyra" by Roxana Sinex 24" x 18" Oil Original 

SALE $500 framed

Currently at the Howard County Center for the Arts

When: January 30, 2018 - March 26th, 2018

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 1, 5 - 8 pm

Refreshments served 
Where: The Say Cheezz Grille
Historic Savage Mill
8600 Foundry Street, New Weave Building
Savage, MD 20763
Hours: 10 am - 6:00 pm Mon-Sat, 11:00 - 6:00 Sun
Sponsored by Roxy's Art Studio

"Wildflower Island" by Roxana Sinex

16" x 12" Oil $650 framed

Warrior Queen of Ndongo

by Roxana Sinex 12 x 18 Oil Original
Original $650, SALE $300 Framed
Limited Edition Prints Available

A brilliant military strategist, charismatic leader and true warrior queen, Nzingha, 1583 – 1663 A.D. ruled Ndongo, currently called Angola, in Southwest Africa. As daughter of the King, Nzingha was raised with knowledge of politics and war and at a young age was sent to negotiate with the Portuguese over the growing problem of slave trade. After her father died and her brother proved incompetent as King, Nzingha assumed leadership of her people spending most of her days fighting and negotiating with the Portuguese over the slave trade. One of Nzingha’s greatest accomplishments was in 1624 when she declared all her territory to be forever free, resulting in many Portuguese slaves escaping to her lands, strengthening her army in the process. Finally, at the age of 75, she sighed a peace treaty with the Portuguese and spent her remaining years patching together her war-torn country.

Bat Zabbai, Queen of Palmyra

by Roxana Sinex 18” x 24” Oil Original
Originally $850 SALE $500 Framed
18” x 24” Limited Edition Gicleè Print on Canvas
Originally $475 SALE $300 Framed

Also Known as Septima Zenobia, she ruled the trading empire of Palmyra, situated between the Persian and Roman Empires, from 250 – 275 A.D. Succeeding her husband as ruler and armed with beauty and charisma, she led great armies into battle on horseback in full armor, conquering Greece and other Roman lands, eventually to challenge Aurelian and the entire Eastern Roman Empire. After four years of battles and sieges, Aurelian was able to capture Bat Zabbai as she attempted to escape her fallen capital, and march her to Rome where she was paraded through the streets in front of her chariot along with all his other prizes of war, adorned with all her jewels and wrapped in chains of gold. Her final destiny was to reside in a villa in Rome for the rest of her days, married to a Roman senator.

On-going and Up-coming Art Shows

Penthesilia, Queen of the Amazons

by Roxana Sinex 30” x 18” Oil Original
Originally $850, SALE $500 Framed
Limited Edition Prints Available

Daughter of Otrere and Ares, Penthesilia fought in the Trojan War in approximately 1180 B.C. where she drove Achilles from the field of battle severa ltimes before he eventually speared her through. As she fell to the ground her helmet fell off revealing her great beauty. Achilles instantly fell in love with the dead Amazon and thus sought to protect her body from defilement by the Greeks.

"Warrior Women of the Past" Show & Sale
Paintings by Roxana Sinex

This is just a sampling of what you will see at "Roxy's Art Class Show". Come on over to Savage Mill and see the rest!

Roxy's Art

​"Grainne Ni Mhaille"  by Roxana Sinex

27" x 16" Oil Original

SALE $500 framed

Gráinne Ni Mháille

by Roxana Sinex 27” x 16” Oil Original
Originally $850 SALE $500 Framed
Limited Edition Prints Available

Also known as Grania and Grace O’Malley, she served as her Irish clan’s unofficial leader with her sixteenth century pirating and shipping empire.  Gráinne dedicated her life to her people and their way of life, joining Ireland’s fight for survival and solidarity against English domination.

"Penthesisila, Queen of the Amazons"  by Roxana Sinex 30" x 18"  Oil Original

SALE $500 framed

"The Escape of Queen Maude"  by Roxana Sinex 20" x 16" Oil Original

SALE $500 framed

"Amanirenas, Kandake of Nubia" by Roxana Sinex

30" x 24"  Oil Original

 SALE $500 framed