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"Experiencing Winter: Paintings by Roxana Sinex​"

"Gifts XXII - Bluebells" by Roxana Sinex

30" x 32" Oil Original

​"Nzingha, Warrior Queen by Roxana Sinex 12" x 18"  Oil  Original

"Awakening" by Roxana Sinex
25" x 32" Multi Panel Mixed Media

Some people prefer to sped their winters in warm or at least mild climates, avoiding the snow, wind and cold of winter. Others enjoy the changing seasons, reveling in the crisp , cold air, enjoying the snow and winter sports, cherishing the changed landscape. This art show explores these options and poses the question to you We would like your opinion. Please email me at and let me know which you prefer and why. Thanks! Roxy

Spring 2018 Show:

"Spring Dreams"

Paintings by Roxana Sinex

Summer 2018 Show: Portraits by Roxana Sinex

"Lightest Touch" by Roxana Sinex

​30" x 30" Oil Original

"Reawakening Rhythms" by Roxana Sinex

26" x 32" Multi Panel Mixed Media

"Bat Zabbai (Zenobia), Queen of Palmyra" by Roxana Sinex 24" x 18" Oil Original 


"The Escape of Queen Maude"  by Roxana Sinex 20" x 16" Oil Original

"In the Moment" by Roxana Sinex

27" x 24" Oil Original 

"In the Path of Thy Love" by Roxana Sinex

36" x 27" Oil Original 

"Gifts III - Spiritual Springtime" by Roxana Sinex

32" x 48" Oil Original 

2018 Winter Show:

Warrior Women from Past Ages

Self Portrait by Roxana Sinex  28" x 42"  Acrylic

​"Grainne Ni Mhaille"  by Roxana Sinex

27" x 16" Oil Original

October 27, 2018 - January 27, 2019 at the Say Cheezz Grille at Savage Mill

8600 Foundry Street, Savage, MD 20763

"Going Home" by Roxana Sinex

16" x 20" Oil Original

"Gifts - Trillium" by Roxana Sinex 20" x 30" Oil

Maryland - Crisp, Cold, sometimes Snowy

"Amanirenas, Kandake of Nubia" by Roxana Sinex

30" x 24"  Oil Original

"Gifts XV - Clover Flowers" by Roxana Sinex

​26" x 38" Oil Original

Southern Arizona - Mild to Warm

"Savage Mill Trail" by Roxana Sinex

​18" x 24" Oil Original 

​​People's Favorite Award